Orin Lee Stuckenbruck is an artist from Long Island, New York who graduated from SVA with a BFA in Illustration. He enjoys exploring mythical, mystical and esoteric motifs through the transcendence of nature and how our affinity to it can further improve the human condition. Everything akin to nature is in a constant flux of communication and within this exchange of "language" in all its diversity, an ecosystem emerges and coexistence or balance becomes the mantra of the Earth. He believes that in today's society most people disassociate themselves with the natural world almost as a separate entity and that the intelligence of nature is seen as negligible, but nothing can be further from the truth. Seen through a geometric lens, Orin examines the fundamental forms of our indigenous environments or hidden locations around the world as to create archetypal structures that elude to a sense of ancient discernment or wisdom. So, what is nature trying to communicate to us? And how can we "choose" to comprehend what is being shown rather than being said?


Please feel free to contact him about commissioning and purchasing artwork. 

  • Email:    orinstuckenbruck@gmail.com  


  • “Man Made Monster”, Junior Thesis Show, SVA gallery, N.Y. 2012
  • “Open Studios”, Senior Portfolio Show, SVA studios, N.Y. 2013
  • “Life, Sex, and Death”, Group Show, Apostrophe, Bushwick, N.Y. 2013
  • “Complex Reality”, Group Show, Apostrophe, Bushwick, N.Y. 2013
  • “Spring Salon Show”, Group Show, The Greenpoint Gallery, N.Y. 2014
  • “Slight Separation”, Solo Show, The Greenpoint Gallery, N.Y. 2014
  • "Little Shop of Horrors", Group Show, The Kult Gallery, Singapore, 2015
  • "Cosmic Giggle", Solo Show, The Greenpoint Gallery, N.Y., 2015